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Wool Carpet Cleaning

Wool Carpet Cleaning

A wool carpet is a great buy as long as it’s for your own house. They are not much pleasing or a beneficial addition to your style of interior decoration, but are extremely durable and of high quality. The problem is, wool carpets attract much more dirt and mud due to the thicker quality of fibre. Hence regular cleaning and maintenance is required to maintain the rich texture and grace. Periodic cleaning also ensures a good healthy environment for the house.

Maintaining and cleaning of the Wool Rug

Wash and Clean the Rug – The frequency of the cleaning required depends on the place in your home where the rug is placed. Such rugs usually face a lot of foot traffic and hence tend to get very dirty over time. Soil, dirt, grime, dust, stains and food particles – to inspect if the rug is potentially dirty lift the corner and kick the back of it. If you find dust and dirt shedding out, it’s time to clean the carpet. Since fabrics made of wool are very sensitive to chemicals and artificial cleansers, a professional cleaning is always recommended.

Vacuum Regularly – Frequent vacuuming is extremely important since it pre-emptively helps to keep the dirt away. For the first year of the rug’s life vacuuming one every month is prescribed, for older ones once every couple of months will suffice. Preferably, vacuums with suction only options should be used avoiding the brush or beater bar type as it distorts the fibre.

Prevent from direct exposure to sunlight – UV rays weaken the fibre and leads to excessive drying out of the fibres. Professionals, specially trained in handling wool carpets can use scientific machines and procedures to clean and dry the wool carpets.

Shampoo cleaning After power vacuum is applied, sponge the rug with cool water and a mild soap or shampoo. The same solution can be applied on the fringes of the rug. To finish the process, clean all the soap or shampoo out of the rug by rinsing the rug thoroughly with water. The wool rug must be dried immediately to get rid of the moisture. Professional care is often required to determine the amount of moisture content and plan the drying mechanism accordingly.

Use of vinegar, dishwashing liquid to remove stains The rug should be blot with a towel to remove as much moisture from the stain as possible. Prepare a solution of vinegar with water or use a mild detergent and apply on the stain. Avoid scrubbing which may hamper the look of the rug. Let the solution dwell for few minutes which helps to loosen and agitates the stain. Now, use a clean towel to rinse the stain and clean the stain from the rug.

Why professional Wool carpet Cleaners can do a Fine job

Excessive heat and agitation should be avoided for wool fibres and neutral detergents should be applied and dried quickly since long-lasting moisture could turn the carpet into a breeding ground for microbes and termites. Use of bleaches and other alkaline products should be absolutely restricted as that may be damage the wool.

However for both area rugs and wall to wall carpets home cleaning is not recommended as the wool absorbs more water than synthetic fibres. This makes it harder to dry and also the carpets becomes heavy. Apart from that the available cleaners in the market are too alkaline which may distort and disrupt the look and grace of the rug.

The perfect proportion of chemicals and cleaning solutions is very important for your carpet. Wrong choice could lead to damaged fibres, bleeding colours and reduced life. Seek professional assistance!!