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Why carpet cleaning is important

Why carpet cleaning is important

Prolonged use of domestic and office carpets results in accumulation of dirt, dust, grime, soil, stains and other foreign particles. Continued collection of such dirt could result in irreversible damage to your expensive carpet. And the deep-rooted dirt which is often invisible to the naked human eye is a breeding ground for harmful termites, allergens, bacterial and fungal organisms. So if you have kids at home, this is definitely a potential source of health concern.

Availing Commercial carpet cleaning services is a sheer necessity at Offices if a business wants to look professional and wants to keep the office facilities pristine. Although they may have similar techniques with their residential counterparts, it has an outfit that precisely serves offices/companies and the underlying sanitizing process has a very different approach.

The Need for a Professional Pre-Inspection

A pre-inspection is necessary to judge the fiber, material, texture and color of the carpet. The amount of dirt and stain accumulated is a decisive factor on what kind of cleaning solution needs to be used.

  • The range of delicate and expensive rugs made of wool or hand-knotted material demand extra care while cleaning.
  • Certain wall-to-wall rugs are made of synthetic fibers, which require strong cleaners and shampoos. Steam cleaning is standard for synthetic wall-to-wall rugs.
  • Fur, sheepskin and hide rugs require unscented talcum powder to be brushed through the hair. Use cotton cloth dipped in lukewarm soap solution to wipe off the dirt and stains.

Therefore professional intervention holds the key in determining what cleaning solutions and cleaning techniques would be best for your area rug or carpet. Professional rug cleaners inspect the fibers, dye, condition and nature of dirt.

What Home Remedies Cannot do to Your Carpet?

The Indigenous Hot Water Extraction Process

The hot water extraction process works by heating up water within a machine to a certain temperature and then adds detergent or other cleaning material along with it and then spraying the same on the carpet. The mixture of hot water and detergent is able to remove stain and grime off the carpet quite effectively. Once the job is done, the machine again extracts the mixture of hot water and detergent, now containing the dirt and grime mixed with it, allowing the carpet to dry up quickly and effectively in a very effective manner. This method prevents damage to the carpet fibers during the cleaning process.

The Steam Cleaning Alternative

Steam cleaning can be very useful for your carpet, though attempts to carry out such methodologies without professional aid could literally backfire. Professional steam cleaning uses a powerful machine or a vacuum attached to a vehicle. Machines are used to spray detergents on to the carpet. Pressurized hot water jet is sprayed onto the carpet – alkaline for synthetic carpets and acidic cleansers for wool or natural fiber carpets. The excess water is then sucked up using vacuum pumps.

The Less Time and Effort Alternative – Dry Clean

Dry clean could involve significantly less water and would therefore need less time to dry off. This methodology involves, spraying of dry cleaning chemicals and chemical solvents. These chemicals are collectively responsible for breaking down of the dirt and grime. A small amount of moisture is then used as a cleaning solution.

With cut-throat competition highlighting most business ventures today, it is imperative that you keep your offices impeccably clean to gain an extra edge over your competitors. Cleaning the carpets and upholsteries occasionally is one of the key steps towards achieving the same.


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