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Different Types of Carpet Cleaning Methods

Different Types of Carpet Cleaning Methods

It is essential to clean carpets on a regular basis, be it a commercial establishment or an individual home, to ensure a long life for the carpets as well as maintaining a healthy environment. Apart from keeping the carpets in good condition, there are certain other benefits related to clean carpets and they are

  • A clean carpet ensures that pollutants from the environment are not present within the carpet fibers.

  • Presence of dust mites is a serious threat to health and a clean carpet eliminates this threat and is therefore a great health benefit

  • Exposure to moisture can cause mold growth in carpets which can be hazardous to health and therefore regular cleansing of carpet becomes necessary to stop the formation of molds.

There are different types of cleaning methods which can be applied in order to clean the carpets and each type of cleaning method is dependent on the type of carpet, the environment, the type of cleaning required for the particular situation.

When to Opt for Bonnet Cleaning Method?

Bonnet cleaning is a carpet cleaning method which is one of the least aggressive methods. This type of cleaning method is utilized when a regular maintenance is required. However, this method only cleans the face fibers of the carpet which means that this method might not be the right choice if a deep cleansing is necessary in order to get rid of the dirt, pollutants, grime or stain from the carpet.

When to Opt for Hot Water Extraction Method?

The next process is the hot water extraction method for cleaning a carpet. This is a thorough process of cleaning carpet. In this process hot water is sprayed on the carpet with a particular cleaning solution and then the same is vacuumed up in order to remove the solution now filled with dirt and grime. Also, this vacuuming process allows the carpet to dry up quickly. This type of cleaning is suited for both commercial and domestic establishments. This is a very effective method of cleaning carpets without putting the fibers of the carpet under any kind of strain and is therefore suited for all types of carpets.

When to Opt for Deluxe Precondition and Rinse Method?

In case the carpet is soiled deeply then the deluxe precondition and rinse method of cleaning is ideal for the situation. Although this method of cleaning carpets is ideal for complete cleaning the method might be a little too harsh for delicate carpet fibers. Therefore, if frequent cleaning becomes necessary then it is advisable to opt for other methods.

When to Opt for Dry Cleaning Method?

Cleaning carpets which have colorful designs can be nerve wrecking since damage to the color is a real possibility. In such situations, use of water, cleaning materials and forms of conventional cleaning methods might not be suitable. Dry cleaning method is ideal for situations where it becomes necessary to take special care about the color of the carpet.

There are numerous types of cleaning methods present to get rid of dirt, grime and other pollutants from a carpet. However, depending on a particular situation and the fabric of the carpet a special type of cleaning method is necessary.