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Wool Carpet Cleaning

Wool Carpet Cleaning A wool carpet is a great buy as long as it’s for your own house. They are not much pleasing or a beneficial addition to your style of interior decoration, but are extremely durable and of high quality. The problem is, wool carpets attract much more dirt and mud due to the […]

Different Types of Carpet Cleaning Methods

Different Types of Carpet Cleaning Methods It is essential to clean carpets on a regular basis, be it a commercial establishment or an individual home, to ensure a long life for the carpets as well as maintaining a healthy environment. Apart from keeping the carpets in good condition, there are certain other benefits related to […]

Why carpet cleaning is important

Why carpet cleaning is important Prolonged use of domestic and office carpets results in accumulation of dirt, dust, grime, soil, stains and other foreign particles. Continued collection of such dirt could result in irreversible damage to your expensive carpet. And the deep-rooted dirt which is often invisible to the naked human eye is a breeding […]